Sergio Ramos Short Haircut And Hair Color 2020

Being a famous superstar football player, captain of Real Madrid and of Spain’s national football team Sergio Ramos is the fashion iconic figure for trendy and stylish short haircuts. He has undergone various phases to try out different short haircuts. He is tried short to medium-length to long hair. He has done with a simple boyish haircut to undercut, spiky, side slicked and faux hawk and business casual look. With the diversions of different short haircuts, he has also tried with blonde and redhead highlights for a chic and sporty look. We have compiled a list of his trendy and stylish short haircuts to get a sporty yet trendy look.

Sergio Ramos Short Haircut and Hair Color 2020

Sergio Ramos Short quiff Haircut

Sergio Ramos Short quiff Haircut

Sergio Ramos has worn short quiff short hairstyles and complimented it with a light bushy beard and low tapered fade and blonde highlights. You may wear this easy-going short hairstyle for an athletic iconic look.

Sergio Ramos Short undercut Hair

Sergio Ramos has worn another easygoing short haircut for an athletic iconic look. He has got long hair at the top and dark roots and overall blonde highlights. He simply paired this short haircut with a low level tapered faded style.

Sergio Ramos Short Spiky Haircut

Sergio Ramos Short Spiky Haircut

To get the chic and decent athletic look with Sergio Ramos short spiky haircut. Get the short spikes with slightly low tapered fade and complimented it with dark blonde highlights.

Sergio Ramos Short Caesar Cut

Another athletic carefree and low to no maintenance haircut short Caesar cut which Sergio Ramos has favored throughout his football career. He has complemented its bushy beard and low tapering from both sides.

Sergio Ramos Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

Sergio Ramos has created short hair with blonde highlights to the front of the head to get an edgier look. He has worn this short haircut in a slightly messy way with side-swept partition and bold beard.

Sergio Ramos Side Slicked Haircut

Sergio Ramos the Captain of Real Madrid has supported side slicked haircut with side-swept partition. He has paired this short haircut with a slightly long beard and low faded hair. The haircut is suitable for formal and nonformal occasions.

Sergio Ramos Faux Hawk Haircut

Sergio Ramos Faux Hawk Haircut

Sergio Ramos faux hawk has perfected his look to get casual businessman and gentleman look. Spice up your look with this short faux hawk short haircut just like a Spanish football player.

Sergio Ramos Voluminous Pompadour

Sergio Ramos has perfected his look with high pompadour with shaved offsides and dark roots. To get this look just create the volume of your hair at the top of your hair as shown in the photograph.

Sergio Ramos Swept Back Short Haircut

Sergio Ramos has featured with multiple hairstyles at different points of his football career. This time he has brushed back his straight sleek hair back and left both sides shaved off.

Sergio Ramos Side Part Hairstyle with Scruffy Beard

Sergio Ramos Side Part Hairstyle with Scruffy Beard

Sergio Ramos has styled his short hair with deep side parts and blonde highlights. He has completed his look with a scruffy beard.

Sergio Ramos Short Wavy Hair

Sergio Ramos rocks with short hair with natural wavy texture and slightly shaved off part. Just to put effort into well organized your hair strands in natural wavy motion to get this look.

Sergio Ramos Wet Look Long Hair with Headband

Many of our sport’s players have supported long hair locks to show off the athletic look. Sergio Ramos rocks with long wet strands and supported it with hairband and accessories.

Sergio Ramos Buzz Cut Hair

Short Buzz cut is the perfect choice for athletic players for a long time. Just get the look like Sergio Ramos with a short buzz cut in the professional life and busy working environment.

Sergio Ramos Messy Haircut

Sergio Ramos Messy Haircut

Sergio Ramos has ever tried short to medium to the long haircut. He looks flawless with short messy hair and best paired it with a light beard. The best thing that works with this short haircut suits any face shape.

Sergio Ramos Short Hair with Diagonal Part

Sergio Ramos has shown off the distinct look with diagonal side-swept partition. Just create the volume of hair to one side while parted the hair with a diagonal line to the other side.

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